Advantages of the EuPhoRe®-process

    Product technical advantages

    • > 95 % phosphate recovery
    • Good bioavailability of the phosphates
    • Maximum P concentration in the ash
    • Reduction of all relevant pollutants
    • High energy efficiency
    • Almost no waste One-time treatment of the sewage sludge without additional chemical or thermal decomposition of the ash
    • No ash deposition but direct use and fertilizer production


    Economical advantages

    • Large-scale facilities
    • 2 plants in use (from 15,000 to 30,000 t / a)
    • 6 plants in planning (30,000 to 135,000 t / a)
    • Low investment costs (-50% compared to mono-fluidized bed incinerators without phosphorus recycling)
    • Low running costs
    • Repair unattainable and durable hardware
    • No further investment (eg infrastructure, flue gas system)
      through integration into the existing power station as an upstream substation
    • Generation of CO2 neutral energy
    • Elimination of drying costs
    • planning security


    EuPhoRe GmbH